Dark & Twisted has grown his YouTube channel to over 115,000 subscribers in a little over a year. Over 100,000 of those fans came in less that 9 months. 

Comments on his channel ranch from; "This needs to be on Netlix and Hula to "I am addicted to your animated horror series My Girlfriend Wants To Kill Me and Her Blood On My Hands.

He immediately gained the attention of horror streaming service Shudder who sponsored my Girlfriend Wants To Kill Me after becoming huge fans of his series. 

His most popular series and youtube's first animated horror series became the new addicted in the horror community which quickly gained addicted and dedicated fans of the series from all over the world. 

Her Blood On My Hands Series is briskly following in the same successful footsteps of My Girlfriend Wants To Kill Me. 

After being fed up with a lot of things that are going on with YouTube and feeling as if he was not being recognized for his true creative talents, Dark & Twisted launched his own Streaming Service Dark & Twisted TV which will become the Go to place for all horror, thriller, mystery and suspense fans and will also become the animated horror Netflix.

2020 is the year of the Dark & Twisted. Stay Tuned.